When Will Things Change?

Illustration by  Benedetto Cristofani

Illustration by Benedetto Cristofani


Sitting down with friends at the end of the week, letting off steam and discussing events is a similar scenario for most women. But this week felt different, this week there were more than love lives to dissect.


Sitting down with two friends at the end of the week about to dig into a well-deserved Nandos and hot gossip is a similar situation most girls can relate too. We all love a good catch up, talking about our exes, our new potential exes and how tired we all are.



'Going round the

table we

recounted war

stories of how we

had been harassed'



This one felt different though, because this time I didn't just need to vent about work, family or that person who cut into my day... I needed to breathe fire over the scandals in Hollywood had fallen out like dominoes and hadn't stopped since.

Like so many women I have my own stories to tell, unfortunately so did my friends. Going round the table we recounted war stories of how we had been harassed, groped and insulted. It got to the point we were recalling stories from school before we could even spell harassment let alone report it.

“Well now things will start to change”, one of my friend says The other adds “It has too. Right?” I want to nod, but then I think about Johnny Depp, he's starring in the new harry potter movie, I mention this and am met with “so?” my friend looks confused. I recount easily the Amber Heard story her fight to be believed, the fact it took a man to validate her claims for that to start. The hard won settlement she won. “I didn't know about that.” She says at the end of my explanation. Now I’m confused, I thought everyone knew, it was a big story at the time and yet it’s been so easily dropped and forgotten. Hollywood already reopening the gates if they had ever really closed.

The same for Mel Gibson, he's now in a universal rated film, only a few years since he pled no contest to a misdemeanour battery against an ex-girlfriend and he's back on the big screen.

I think with dread if it will really change or as soon as #metoo stops trending and the voices get hoarse from the countless stories they have stored. If the names of the guilty will start appearing again on the end credits of films we see as an escape from the world.

It all just serves to make me angrier. I can feel where there's a band getting tighter around my heart ; it’s the reason I stopped smiling when I’m walking down the street and I’ve made a promise to myself not to let that guy get away with groping me at the bar.

We need an army someone says. Well that's good, we've been soldiers fighting alone for years. We’re ready to do it together.


By Hannah Pickford

(Cover Image: Benedetto Cristofani)