Children Aren't Just For Christmas

Now I’ve always loved children. Especially other people’s children because they’re adorable, fun and you can always give the back. However, this changed last year when I had my own child and she’s the absolute best. So when I hear stories of people neglecting, abusing and killing kids, it makes my blood boil.

A couple of weeks back, the story of three year old Sherin Matthews emerged.  Her ‘father’, Wesley Matthews sent her outside to an alleyway in the middle of the night as punishment for not drinking her milk. Now let’s examine the factors in just this sentence alone.

Number 1- She’s a THREE YEAR OLD. Now I don’t remember being a child, but I know that they will occasionally throw tantrums, be nuisances and generally do whatever they like because they don’t know any better, so her refusing to drink her milk was probably a symptom of being a small child.

Number 2- You sent her OUTSIDE your residence. Was there not a hallway? Another bedroom? A kitchen? You couldn’t think of any other punishments except to send practically a baby outside?

Number 3- You sent her out there in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. What moron even sends a three year old outside alone in the middle of the day, let alone in the BLACK OF NIGHT?

There were reports that he went back to check on Shireen 15 minutes after he sent her outside, and she wasn’t there. Instead of going into a panic, he did a load of laundry and waited an entire FIVE hours before reporting her missing.

Charlamagne Tha God went to far as to give Wesley Matthews ‘donkey of the day’ on The Breakfast Club, a segment in which he gives people the credit they deserve for being stupid- and this was an exceptionally large segment of stupidity.

When I heard this story, I hoped and prayed that this sweet little girl would somehow, by the grace of God turn up alive and well. Unfortunately, when a body found 4 days ago was confirmed to be Sherin, my heart sank. Another innocent life lost to a negligent, sorry excuse for a parent. What makes this story a little different is that orphan Sherin was actually adopted by Wesley and his idiot wife last year after she was abandoned in India. His wife ‘claims’ she slept through this entire ordeal of her husband taking the baby out of her bad and planting her outside in an alley. So she allegedly slept through the opening and closing of the front door open, snored though her husband doing an entire load of laundry? I’m not buying it at all and feel insulted that she is trying to pass this farce of a story off as truth.

Wesley was initially charged with child abandonment and endangerment, which was upgraded to causing felony injury to a child- should be homicide but we all know the state of the American justice system

But the plot thickens. He has now changed his story completely, Shiren choked on her milk (which he force fed her),died and he moved the body. Personally, I think Wesley and his wife neglected this child so much so that she died, effectively killing her, attempted to cover their own asses with false stories and the missing report, and failed miserably. This is backed up by the fact that upon a search of the Matthews’ residence, some ‘questionable’ items were uncovered.

Now on one hand, the Matthew’s would initially have been seen as really good people by adopting an orphan who was abandoned in a bush in her native India. However, they failed to follow through on their responsibilities and this precious girl paid with her life. What also boggles my brain is that the Matthew’s have their own biological four-year-old daughter (who has now been placed in protective custody), so it isn’t like they had no parenting experience.

The ill-fated truth is that this isn’t the first and it won’t be the last we hear about child neglect and abuse. All too many times we hear this same rhetoric play out, here and across the pond- for instance Victoria Climbie, Daniel Pelka, Baby P and Gabriel Fernandez but to name a few. And these are just a few of the more publicised stories. The statistics are even more chilling; Childhelp states that in the US, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds, and in the UK the NSPCC report that 58000 children were identified as needing protection from abuse last year. In a lot of these high profile cases, when the proverbial turd has hit the fan, only then are the fundamental failings within the social care systems highlighted and scapegoats emerge.

Ultimately, I think reform is needed. More effective and thorough controls need to be put in place to detect neglect and abuse earlier on and social care professionals need to be more ruthless in punishing those who do cause harm to children. I think most importantly, individuals need to be honest with themselves, exercise responsibility, and STOP HAVING CHILDREN THEY DON’T WANT AND CANT CARE FOR.


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RIP to Sherin Adams. Praying for eternal rest and peace

RIP to Sherin Adams. Praying for eternal rest and peace