The girl who aspired (poem)

When you were a child
Did your mother read you stories?
Did she tell you about her day?
Did she warn you about the world?
Did she point at the stars?
And say you can be one too?
Did you smile in delight?
And believe in yourself?
It got harder, didn’t it?
When you started walking
When you kept on talking
When they told you another time
Your chin started to lower
With the weight of all those doubts
Each time you got rejected
Your shine began to dull
Did you say goodbye to fairy tales?
And forget what your mother taught you?
Because nothing good comes easy
No star lives without an explosion
So that’s when you realised
The world will never come to you
You’re the one who has to take it
And keep it locked up tight
The stories your mother told you
About the girl that did aspire
The girl who climbed mountains
And took on wild beasts
They became your mantra
And you became the girl who aspired
You ignored smirks and leers
You held your head high

And now you are the story
That mothers tell their daughters
The girl who did aspire
Who wants all the little girls to aspire too

By Hannah Pickford

Instagram: @firesdontapologise
Tumblr: firesdontapologise