"What is your energy?"

I have always had a deeper understanding of science, and the rules that govern the natural world. One of the widely accepted concepts is that of energy. It is something that cannot be created or destroyed, but is transferred from one source to another. What can be understood when this is applied to human behaviour?

Assuming that energy is transferable, human beings emit vibes, energy and auras that are transferable. Have you ever felt a difference, whether big or small, once leaving or entering someone’s company? This is a classic demonstration of energy transfer.
Whether you like it or not, the company you CHOOSE to keep really does have an impact on you. I don’t necessarily mean in the “typical” way that we are often taught by our parents, for example if you hang around drug dealers, you too will also deal. While this is a possibility, one’s influence manifests itself in the subtlest ways. Speaking from experience, investing in bad friends, company, even jobs is detrimental. These dark and toxic energies internalised within me. I transitioned from a bright, bubbly and energetic person to a pessimistic, nonchalant and confused one. Choosing to ignore these changes only bred further confusion; I was in a constant battle between my ideals and reality. All the while, my spirit was being crushed.

Nothing changed until I accepted the truth about the energies I was surrounding myself with. I ditched the ones that did not align with mine. I started to invest in goodhearted, positive and joyful people and I immediately saw the return. If someone’s or something’s spirit doesn’t align with yours, make the choice to leave it. If it cannot give, then by nature, it will take from you. Eventually, you will be left emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and sometimes, financially bankrupt. The sooner you accept the reality of the energies in your life, the sooner you can reclaim your own and be whole once again.

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