Are You Alive or Are You Living?

If your life was to end today, how content would you be? 


In our increasingly fast paced society it's very easy to simply be alive but not living to your full potential. We simply go day by day under the illusion that we are living to the fullest yet in reality when we are asked the question "what have you achieved in the last 5 years ?" we fill the air with various umm's and errr'ms. 

Don't be mistaken that every individual is in this position, but one thing I'm sure of is that we've all felt that we need to re-gain control of our lives at some point. So... 

How do you re-gain control if you're unaware that you've lost it? Think of it like this- every time a child has tried to walk they've fallen down, yet they've carried on trying. 

We often dismiss our aspirations due to fear of the unknown. Yet once we grasp how fickle the concept of fear truly is we can aspire to do and achieve more. 

To live life to the fullest you must know yourself as an individual in order to tailor your experiences and not get swallowed by the crowd. It's easy to become a slave to social media and obey the unattainable rules. However this often hinders our perspective on ourselves. We don't post that picture because we fear that people will judge us or we don't say how we truly feel because that doesn't get as many re-tweets. 

Our modern society thrives of individualism. Yet it bashes those to test the boundaries! Society's hinges are permanently shackled to us through our mobile phones. Therefore it's impossible to escape the standards that society sets for us. It doesn't take much to become brainwashed and accept the 'norm' we've all lost a piece of ourselves in pursuit of acceptance. 

Why does the validation of others have such an impact on individuals ? Why do we seek fulfillment from others when we are held accountable for our own contentment? 

Only you can speak for yourself, so live a life without fear and jump into the unknown. 


Written by,

Nyasha Bonde



Twitter: @nyny615

Instagram: @ny_bonde