Caught Up In The News Feed

We live in a time where everything and everyone around us is moving at super speed. The world we live in is very much focused on results and getting those results instantly. Ticking and crossing things off your to do list, scrolling through news feeds for fear of missing out (FOMO) and setting ourselves unrealistic goals to achieve; as quickly as possible. But when we live this way we have the tendency to lose sight of what it is we are really chasing. Then you find yourself neither present nor inspired. You're just caught up in the never ending news feed.

Scrolling, scrolling and scrolling...


Turn it off!

Scrolling through life is an unfulfilling lifestyle because you can never do enough to get long lasting satisfaction from it. The news feed goes on and on and there’s no end in sight. In order to live a fulfilling life and really be in tune with your purpose and not everyone else, you need to reduce your amount of the news feed!


Give yourself the time to re-learn why you are doing, what you’re doing in life. Are you doing it because you should or is it coming from a genuine place of passion and desire? If you feel like you’re at a point in your life where you are caught up in the news feed, press the 'off' button for a minute and take a short break. Don't worry, the world around you will still be scrolling with news when you get back! Take the time to write down your goals, be ambitious, but kind to your capabilities and mental health. Work hard and smart. You will soon find in order to be present and inspired, a life constantly caught up in the news feed isn't always necessary.


Written by,

Imani Clough



Instagram: @imani_academy

Twitter: @theimaniacademy