5 Videos That Will Change Your Life!

As time goes and days continue to fly past, it's not uncommon for a feeling of uneasiness and low self-esteem to creep in. Trying to remain optimistic 24/7 isn't an easy task, so I've put together five videos that has helped me get my groove back and my mind filled with positivity. These videos can be found on YouTube by simply typing in 'Motivational Videos', 'Video's for lack of confidence' or 'Ending procrastination video'. Whatever state of mind you find yourself in, you are bound to find something that relates to you. Personally, I try to watch videos like this every morning to eliminate any self-doubt and negativity. So why don't you try it for yourself and let me know how it goes!



You can, you will and you must! No one can stop you because you are a boss, a warrior. You embody a strength no one can ignore because it radiates wherever you go, in whatever you do. Trust in yourself that you are better than the moment. The world needs you!



Mel Robbins takes us through ways to snap out of the endless cycle of leaving things until the next day, the day after and so forth. Her 5-second rule has helped me on several occasions where I've been able to just get things done! 



The former First Lady of the United States speaks about resilience and picking yourself back up after you fall, time and time again. She reminds me of how strong I really am and how important it is to 'keep moving forward' even through trying times. 



It's not uncommon to become sidetracked from your goal and vision by other peoples opinion on what you should or can't do with your life. Disconnect yourself from those who put you down and move yourself into a positive space. Like Taraji P. Henson said, "If you listen to people, you won't live." -Allowing others to dictate your every move won't get to live the life you truly desire. 



Perhaps this is what most people start of the new year with and realise later three, four months in that they lack the mindset they once had. This video depicts and unravels all the misleading thoughts that creep up on a daily basis and guides you on how to tackle them. Play your role in life with such passion, that even after the curtains come down, the applause doesn't stop!


Hopefully these videos would have helped one or two people out. Remember, this is by no means a 'quick fix' or a solution to all your problems! These are strategies you can implement into your daily routine to help you become a better person and break hindering habits. 


Written by,

Jennifer Okolo


Instagram: @jenokolo

Twitter: @msjennifer_xo