She Aspires Presents: Kiera-Nicole


1. Please introduce yourself and how you got into the entertainment industry?

“My name is Kiera-Nicole, I’m 20 years old born in South London.  I’ve always had a massive ball of energy in me (then again my crystal is garnet and they’re known for being very energetic crystals). From the early age of 6 months old my mum took that ball of energy and formed it into what I recognised at a later age to be my passion, motivation, and dedication.  Without my mum placing me into modeling from 6 months old and dance and acting from 5, that ball of energy would’ve slowly faded. I decided to continue dancing and modeling (I still do it now) and they are my passions- what I love to do. By working hard and keeping up the passion I had for performing arts, I was able to walk through doors that gave me many different experiences in the industries at such a young age.”

2. Are there any hurdles you encountered along the way, if so how did you overcome these?

“There have been many hurdles that have been very hard to take in let alone overcome them. Trust me when I say that it’s not easy! My advice is to believe in yourself, trust God’s journey for you, and please please please don’t let a few hurdles stop you from ANYTHING. You started that journey for a special reason, whenever you need to take a step back always remember the reason you started the journey so you can then allow yourself to take two steps forward right after.”

3. The entertainment industry is notoriously dominated by men, what has your experience been like as a woman, particularly as a woman of colour?

“In words of my own, my experience has been amazing so far! I’m super grateful for the door that opened in front of me. I am able to work in a male-dominated industry as a young woman of colour. Not only that but I am able to be who I AM and feel comfortable being me.”

4. What is a long term goal/gig you would like to achieve one day?

“I’d love to gain as much knowledge in the performing arts and media industries to then eventually share it amongst students who’ll attend MY inclusive performing arts and media school. It will be inclusive because it’ll cover children who might not be able to afford to go to a performing arts and media school, children with special needs, etc. I would love to give more children the feeling I experienced every day at my school knowing that it was like a  second home to me.”

5. What would you say to young women, looking to get into the entertainment industry? 

“Ladies, we are doing amazingly! Please keep being strong, wise and talented. Do not compare yourself to anyone else because you’re like no other. You have a special gift, use it and inspire other young ladies to do the same.”

6. What/who keeps you motivated and driven to achieve further success?

“My mum- her drive, her motivation, her dedication is out of this world. She literally needs to write a book about how she does it all because I can only dream that one day I’ll be able to do everything she does for me to my future kids. My aim is to be able to send my mum endless gifts and treats for everything she has done for me. I need to be successful, for my mum.”

7. What has been your proudest moment/career highlight thus far? What did this feel like to accomplish?

“I’d like to say receiving the title of the youngest channel 5 presenter in history (Getting a presenter told on milkshake!). Words couldn’t describe the amount of emotions I was feeling. I don’t think it’s still quite sunk in yet. It felt pretty inspiring and it just proved to me that hard work really does pay off.”

Interviewed by,

Ilayda Mac