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Let’s talk about #girlmagic for a second. Last Inauguration Day the world watched as millions of women marched on Washington to protest and mourn the Hillary Clinton presidency that never happened and I couldn’t help but stop for a second and think about how the world would be a better place if every continent, country, and the city did the same.

When women rise up and raise their voices to change and power is inevitable. In South Africa, we have a saying that changed our History – “Strike A Woman, Strike A Rock” - In 1956 women of different races came together and August 9 will forever be known as “The Day That Rock Beat Paper”. This march was a remarkable success, hundreds of thousands of women gathered at the Union Building in Pretoria and once again women showed that stereotype of women in all spheres of life is inaccurate.

The women of South Africa back in 1956 and the women that marched on Washington in 2017 are both badasses. Today we move forward with that legacy as we stand on the shoulders of these pioneers and fight for equality and justice, they have and continue to teach us that we don’t need to be led by fear, we can merge into new worlds without fear. In my opinion, we are the most informed generation so it is our responsibility to use that as an advantage for our countries and communities. To continue the evolution of these marches, to build more women leaders who will accomplish extraordinary things.

Yes, it's 2018 and so much has been accomplished but there are barriers that we still need to dismantle, we still need to fight for girls and women in some African countries that don’t have the right to education. We have to stand up for those women who don’t know yet that they are powerful, they are the groundbreakers and the pathfinders. Let’s join in as college students, aspiring entrepreneurs and whatever we are or aspire to be.

Women are power, we just have to come together and figure out our next move.

Every petition signed, every sign raised, every step taken, every declaration made resonates deeply with women across the globe and that is one of many ways we can change the world again and again.


Written by,

Vanessa Mofolo

IG: pure_magnolia