Imani Academy


Imani Academy is a social enterprise focusing on female empowerment, launched in 2016.


Imani means faith and we feel through faith, a better would can be created for girls and young women now, and in the future.

Imani Academy aims to inspire, uplift and empower primarily girls and young women 12-18 years old and 18-30, by delivering workshops and mentoring as part of our bespoke programme - I Am Phenomenal 365. We intend to remind young women that despite some of the pressures and challenges they may face on a day to day, they are phenomenal women 365 days of the year.

We strongly believe Character Education is important for young people generally; as our focus is on women’s personal, social and emotional development, we have used the Character Education ethos to deliver a programme that focuses on strengthening and exploring positive character traits. Allowing girls and young women to reflect on their phenomenal woman journey and beyond.