King's Ransom London


King’s Ransom London is representative of the ambitious trendsetters and go-getters that are the life-blood of this vibrant city. We champion focus, drive, fun and a strong work ethic; our brand’s values are reflected in the people we work with. They all possess these qualities that propel them in their varied passions and careers. Built on a foundation of perseverance and self-motivation, we are a brand aiming for dizzying heights. 

King’s Ransom London is Meghan and Komali- two girls from opposite sides of the river Thames with a creative vision and unbridled fire in our bellies. King’s Ransom London is the love child of ten years of friendship and the work hard-play hard mentality that comes with being native Londoners.

We look to combine strong graphic prints, clean lines and unique features executed with acute attention to detail. Our emblem of a red wax seal found on all of our garments works as a stamp of authenticity. King’s Ransom is a brand whose pieces can be easily integrated into anyone’s personal style.

King’s Ransom London is also dedicated to bringing you closer to our vision through our love of fashion film. We are releasing a film for our look book on it’s release in early Autumn. The whole cast and crew always have a ball on our shoot days, laughing, posing and making new connections. Their hard work on the day is rewarded with home-cooked soul food and good vibes and we still can’t thank them all enough for being a part of it.

Our look book showcasing the new Liquid Gold Collection was released late last year. This collection is in addition to our Original KR collection which sold out in the same month of it's release in 2014. 

This is just the beginning for King's Ransom London - stay locked to see the gems in the King's Ransom London treasure chest! 

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