Everyone is going through something, not a single soul is free! If you doubt it, then ask him or her. So when you asked, what did he or she say? Let me guess, “I am fine, nothing” Did he or she really mean that? Okay, what about you, are you?

The truth is, you know it and you agree that we all have an issue that bothers us. It might be something we don’t know how to tell or don’t know who to tell. A large percentage of people with issues do not always think they should explain it to anyone. I always wonder why? What is the reason why we keep things to only ourselves alone?

I hear the reasons are due to a lack of trust. But how come it is not always hard to ask for financial help when you are so broke? Have you ever thought of that? There is always a friend to ask for a loan but not a friend to ask for a listening ear.

There is no problem at all on the surface of the earth that is new. Someone may be going through a worse scenario or a closer one. The haste to end the problem by ending your life is not a reward. Truthfully, it never ends the problem, it only creates more. Who should be responsible for your death when you are gone? I mean whose shoulder are you throwing that on?

That you intentionally caused your death or the death of another is no good news. Yes, it makes the news, but no it does not come out pleasant to the hearing.


I know so many questions may already be welling up in your mind, so let me help you project them.

"What If I can’t help it, is the only choice I have got?"

No, you have choices, you only chose to look at that one alone and shut your eyes from the rest.

"Okay, but the thoughts keep coming"

Where are they coming from?

"Well, it is coming from what I have been through. Truthfully, no one understands how I feel, no one knows what I have been through"

Ohh yes! You are right, no one knows because you haven’t told it to them.

“So what are you saying I should do?”

What you should do which is the right thing to do is to TALK, TALK, TALK about it! Tell it to someone. You don’t end the war before there is a victory, so you have to fight and fight to live! Start by telling yourself that you won't allow any negative thoughts to take a vacation in your mind. As soon as you get a negative thought signal in your mind then find out what is its purpose, if not discard it. It is not always easy to fight negative thoughts alone, so get your team of warriors to help you.

“What if no one is listening, what if no one gets to hear?”

 Then you shout louder!

“But I have tried, it is very frustrating. I have been in several stages of depression, and I don’t ever seem to get out”

Shout louder! Be eager to get help, help is everywhere. If you were drowning in a pool, you would push the water, throw out your hands and struggle so that someone can see you. No one ever gives up in a drowning situation, hardly. There is always a fight to live, so therefore fight to live!

“How loud?”

As loud as they can hear you. If you had someone to exchange your suicide in place of life, would you not tell the person; “please, I want to die, can you take my place?" As weird as that sounds, it is the only way you get to exchange your suicide attempt with another person who is willing to take it. You will have to tell them.

Written by,

Mmenyene Akpakpan

Facebook: Mmenyene Akpakpan

Instagram: akpakpanmmenyene