VIRGO Horoscope Reading



August 23rd — September 22nd


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You walk the earth expecting to be disappointed. It is the saddest state to be in, but also the most secure. They cannot hurt something already covered in betrayal. You are used to the weight you drag behind you, in fact you do not remember what it is like to be free. You care more for the things you believe you have done wrong, than any part of your success. Yes, there has been triumph, you have created whole worlds for others, worked until there was nothing left to give. But this has been forgotten in order to make room for doubt.


There is a temple inside you where you should reside: Instead you carry offerings each day to the darkness that has stolen your throne.


It has polluted and despoiled much of what made you great, but it has not yet won. There are still parts of you that form armies to cast it out. It is a fight you do not think is worth it, but the ones who love you inspire fresh resolve. You walk the earth expecting to be disappointed, it is the most careful state to be in. But you cannot forge joy from suspicion. You must remember that they’re are emotions stronger than misery, but to experience them you have to allow yourself to feel.


You cannot cut off the pain without severing the part of you that recognises bliss.


You can have all or nothing. There will be days that you cannot walk the earth at all. There will be more where you dance across it, a wonder for all to see.

Written by Hannah Pickford