LIBRA Horoscope Reading



September 23rd — October 22nd


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Sometimes, even when you’re here, you’re still there. You surround yourself with the loudest people in order to drown out your own voice. You would rather be gasping for breath than making any kind of statement.


You are afraid if you say anything no one will listen. You are more afraid that if you say anything they will respond and expect more.


You carry the world on your shoulders not because you have too, but because you think others will not treat it as gently. You know there is cruelty in the hearts of many, but you will not deny them the light you hold in yours. You have been through the unimaginable, some days you question if it ever ended, but the experience has only made you kinder. You will lead by example and people flock to the beauty you provide.


But there are those who will pluck all your feathers to make their beds and lament that they were not softer.


This is not a world that tolerates those who wish to make it better. There are too many that think that because this is the way the world is, it is how it should be. In order to defeat them, you will have to learn how to rise above the clamour. You will have to dust off your voice box and reach the heavens. Do not think you have to do this alone. You inspire goodness in others and this will protect you if you allow it.


You are surrounded by more than just noise, there is music here too.


These people are yours to join if you wish and they have been waiting to hear your words.

Written by Hannah Pickford