SCORPIO Horoscope Reading



October 23rd — November 21st


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Element: Water

Traits: Passionate, stubborn, brave, jealous, distrusting



If your emotions were rivers they would have burst their banks long ago. There is no storm you will not brave. There is no friend you would not battle for. The only person you will leave behind, is yourself. There are places inside you that keep count of the times they’ve lied. There are days you can’t help but to look over your shoulder. You have been convinced that the voice that whispers of betrayal is not to be trusted. They say your nature is too much like the wind, easy to change and easier manipulate. You lock away what screams inside you. You do not want to believe you are fighting the wrong monster. But the only one with wounds is you, the only person suffering is the one you look at in the mirror.


Please remember that just because your instincts tell you a bad thing, it does not make it a liar. The truth is a hard thing to face, especially when it is a familiar one.


But when you purge yourself of the doubt they placed inside you, you will be able to harness the wind for yourself.


Use it to take back all they stole from you in the pretence of keeping it safe.


Unleash your fury into the sky, relish the feeling of being freed from the ones who tied you down. But do not forego connection, do not let their bitterness ruin the sweet of new beginnings. You were born to protect and there will be so many who will protect you back. You have an ability to see through others, it is a gift you must permit yourself to use and use wisely.

Written by Hannah Pickford