AQUARIUS Horoscope Reading



January 20th — February 18th


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Your trust is less of a gift and more of a buried treasure. People have to first realise there is something hidden before they can begin to look. You are a master of appearing unconcerned when really your mind has already predicted at least 5 terrible outcomes. It has also devised more than 5 ways of escape.


You don’t think outside the box, this is what everyone else does, instead you have made the box a house.


One that allows you in and out, vantage points from above and below. It is somewhere that others could enter, if you ever gave them a key. It’s not that you do not have a spare one to give, it is that once it is taken it is no longer in your control.


You keep yourself isolated in order to keep the peace.


Letting others take pieces of what you have made could mean it comes tumbling down. In keeping yourself alone you deny yourself the ability to grow. You may find that when others take parts of your ideas they return them stronger and more complete. It is a brave thing, to let them in, but you are more than strong enough to evict them if needs be. You may even discover that there are those who become part of your foundation and keep the walls together. It is not to say you will be immune to hurricanes, but when they come, you will be prepared. Your house could become a home, where ideas are not only born but nurtured.


Saying hello to the new does not mean saying goodbye to the old. Relying on others does not make you less you.


Trust yourself enough to put your treasures on display.

Written by Hannah Pickford