ARIES Horoscope Reading



March 21st — April 19th


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You walk in front of everyone, a burning light to follow. You swear it’s not just about being first, it’s also showing everyone how it’s done. Your light is so strong it travels the universe, it just forgets that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. You are so focused on your own goal you can mistake people’s feelings for obstacles to be pushed through. You do not need to dull your edges, you are meant to cut in front of the crowd.


But turning your thorns into braches that others can climb would not be a burden.


Allowing yourself to be part of something, not just its leader, to bask in warmth not just produce it, does not make you useless. Inadequacy is the thing you fear most, it is a drive that sees you to the top of the mountain, but it can also be an avalanche you are buried under. You forget that even when a fire had burned its last, what it leaves behind is renewed earth for life to spring forth in. You do not need to be everything to everyone, when you split yourself into so many pieces you give everything and nothing.


Saying no, stepping back… these are great acts of courage too.


Remember to find happiness in the things that you do, not just success; one does not necessarily mean the other. You are a beacon in the dark, but do not waste light on those who prefer shadows.

Written by Hannah Pickford