CANCER Horoscope Reading



June 21st — July 22nd


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Just like still water, your depths run deep, though others can often fail to notice. You can be mistaken for a simple cloud rather than the oncoming storm. It’s not that you hide your emotions, you cannot conceal an overflowing sky; it is that


you are able to convince people that the lightening is sunlight and the wailing trees are singing birds.


It is better, you are sure, for others to believe a beautiful lie rather than the terrible truth. Being able to weave such stories is not a rotten thing in the world we live in, but you would have less need of it if you enjoyed the calm water rather than waiting for the rough seas. You are one that will stay even when doing so cuts deep and this loyalty goes beyond people.


You stick to the idea that a ship is only wood to be wrecked rather than risk heart break.


Letting go of this belief seems to you, like taking off a life jacket while in the open water. But really its lifting the anchor and letting yourself move free. You can convince others that the sea foam is full of horses, but you cannot convince yourself that the danger could be worth it?


It is time to use your gifts selfishly and let yourself be whisked away in dreams of glory.


Preparing for the end before it all begins is the same as staying indoors while the sun shines because the forecast was rain. Let yourself enjoy the moment,


believe in yourself enough to be sure when the thunder does roll in you can shout right back.

Written by Hannah Pickford