GEMINI Horoscope Reading


May 21st – June 20th


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You are both in a rush and slow off the mark. You want to see all there is on offer, but you cannot help feel that you will miss something if you take too long to ponder a moment. There is a hole inside you that you can’t wait to fill with knowledge, friends and lovers. Do not be afraid by it, it is more of a wishing well, somewhere magic feels real.


But spells cannot be cast in two directions, deciding on your path, can feel like a wind too strong to push through.


Choices hold a power over life that you recognise, this is what overwhelms you. You must learn to let go of what ifs and focus on what is, the weight lifted will finally allow you to fly.


Being able to think of consequences is not a flaw, but allowing the future to dictate your present rather than only guide it, is.


You have begun many adventures but turned back before it could really start, the only person standing in your way is you. This isn’t a battle, this is a merger of yourself, learning to embrace the part of you that wants to run away without letting it take control. Let yourself be curious about danger without deciding the risk is not worth it. It does not mean you have to leap off cliffs, only that you should at least let yourself consider doing more than peaking over the edge.


Do not turn failure into an excuse to be cruel to yourself,


changing habits is a difficult thing to do, but you will find that when you succeed in letting go you do not fall into darkness but emerge into a dazzling new world.

Written by Hannah Pickford