LEO Horoscope Reading


July 23rd — August 22nd


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Some people are called the life of the party; you are the birth, death and afterlife of the party.


You command attention without even trying, this means that the things you must put effort into are often put to the side. This is not laziness, this is intelligence; you can do so much without practice you wonder why you would waste time perusing other avenues. But this only works when what you love is what you are good at,


if your heart is not aflame with the things you find easy, than that to is discarding your precious time.


You can smile for days and not realise that inside you are dull, you present a shiny front to hide damage beneath. It is terrifying to start new ventures, especially ones that do not come naturally, but when you feel your heart beat in excitement and your spirit fly with fulfilment it will be worth it. Do not be put off by the part of you that insists because you are not good at something immediately then you will never be able to reach your goal.


You have enough passion to set off fireworks, use this to light your way through the unknown.


You can be as stubborn as an oak when you set your mind on something, put those roots where your heart is most happy. Remember that not succeeding early is not equivalent to failure. Earn something that’s worth celebrating, your happiness.

Written by Hannah Pickford