PIECES Horoscope Reading



February 19th — March 20th


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You flow through life like a river to the sea. You know where you are going but you don’t forget the way you came.


There is nothing more lyrical than when you describe something you love,


you paint pictures of everything else so that no one will look too closely at you. The depth of your frown is hidden in laughter and a gentle voice but it does not make it any less of a weight. There isn’t always a reason for it, but there doesn’t need to be when it’s significant enough to eclipse your light.


When you speak you build bridges for others to walk upon,


but you often find yourself taking a different path. You do not always want to leave the wonder your mind can create, there everything is yours and so nothing can touch you with anything less than reverence. The world outside yourself is full of harsh shadows that hider darker things and this is something you think yourself wise to avoid.


But your wisdom has become a locked door, preventing you from experiencing the full spectrum of life.


Yes, there may be things that will chase you, but you can flood the alleys with light and reveal your fears to be nothing more than smoke. It is time you coloured yourself in and placed your feet firmly on the ground. It will not swallow you whole, in fact it will rise to be a mountain from which you survey the world. It has more wonder in it than you can ever imagine.

Written by Hannah Pickford