TAURUS Horoscope Reading



April 20th — May 20th


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There is little you cannot find beauty in, except maybe yourself. You tend to others like a gardener to flowers, encouraging their growth and taking pleasure in their fruits, it is yourself, you forget to praise.


Every beautiful thing you find, you treat with precious kindness.


When you give yourself to others, you hold nothing back, it is the only thing in your nature that wishes to reach the skies, the rest of you happy to be rooted in the earth. It is only natural you expect to be mirrored in your affections, to be prized above all others. When they fail to match your rare ability to love without reservation it feels as if the ground crumbles from beneath you. Do not dare think the fault your own.


To love the way you do is gift to be treasured, those who do not have the strength to hold it are not meant for you.


So often you pull yourself back, like a vine that has started to wind round a house, you cut it off before it can reach the sun.


Do not be afraid to let your nature spread forth from the box you have put it in.


There will be some who will be afraid of this untamed aspect of you. Some who do not understand how someone who is usually steady against changing gusts could allow themselves to be caught up in a whirlwind. But they are not important, it is the ones who chase storms and bask in rain that deserve to be yours.


Treat yourself like you are the sun that gives life, do not settle for anyone who sees you as a petal to be plucked.

Written by Hannah Pickford