She Aspires UK meets Lola

What are you currently studying and what advice do you have for anyone thinking of applying to this course?

Lola: Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. Brookes is a great university for this course because they allow you to find yourself artistically as an architect. It requires hard work and sleepless nights but you are learning as you go along and becoming more and more defined. Be ready for tutorials , workshops, model making, computer drawing, and crits (presentations). 


What would you say are the highs and lows of studying architecture?

Lola: Personally , what I enjoy is the model making and rendering my designs on things like photoshop, that's where my creativity comes in. I get to bring my designs to life and get to see what works and what doesn't. The downside of it is the time it takes from everything else, architects get no sleep!


You also create hand drawn portraits on the side under the name @drawingbylola. What inspired you to start this and how would you describe your style?

Lola: Last summer , a friend of mine convinced me to make an Instagram page and ask 5 people to draw for free. It was easy to create the page as I had already had loads of drawings as a portfolio but I never believed that I was good , or if people would like my work. I finally made the decision to take the risk and just see how people might react , I asked for 5 and I got 50 , suddenly I had to start picking and choosing , I got a wonderful response that I had never expected. I should believe in myself a lot more. 

My style includes fine lines , using pen. It consists of repeated detailed lines to act as shading. I started as just keeping it black and white but I experimented further including watercolour. I thought of ways to stand out because lots of people can draw. I'm still yet to find anything similar to what I do , so it is working for me. 


What does “being creative” mean to you?

Lola: Being creative is all about expression , finding ways to articulate your mind. 


Can you describe the time when you first realised that creating was something you absolutely HAD to do?

Lola: When I failed all my A-Levels and the only one I passed was Art. Before that I've just always been drawing from a young age, I used to copy things and doodle everywhere , then I took art in secondary school then college and I finished with a triple distinction star and an A In Interior Design. 


Could you share with us your favourite quote?

Lola: "God is in the details"  - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) 


Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

Lola: At 29, I hope to be married by then with children. Finished masters degree, practicing at an architecture firm and working on opening a gallery space for my work to sell & also for young artists like me. Also looking into architecture designing in Nigeria. 


       To find out more about Lola, follow her on Instagram! @drawingbylola

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