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“Places matter; their rules, their scale, their design, pedestrianism, equality, and diversity” -Rebecca Solnit


These remarks on architecture and the ability to map our lives embody my choice to study Architecture. As a little girl, I was profoundly attracted by beautiful pictures and design wonders shown in books and in interactions with different societies and backgrounds through travel. At that time, I was frequently perplexed by one question – How were these pictures and structures built bit-by-bit by humans?" In my search to understand, I formed my own splendid designed items and drawings with my little delicate hands, using anything from materials to pictures. It was from such as these that I became fascinated with the breath of innovation, reinvention and the ability to take from what is around me and give back something revolutionary.

My passion lies in gaining an understanding of architectural styles that focus on the balance between tying the decorative styles of contemporary arts into our environment and humanity with the constant goal of improving our planet and lives of people.
I was given the ability last summer to intern at a firm in East Africa alongside a top African design stylist to gain an idea of the design movement in fashion to architecture in developing countries. The ability to overlook the sophisticated future projects such as the eco-city in Nairobi was compelling, it was a true reflection of architecture that does not impose organizing models but enriching the local community.
Art, music, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and naval parading are some of my achievements that help to connect the dots of life enabling me to have a broad perspective on design problems. Being able to focus on a goal and exceeding my expectations has also helped me attain four gold medals representing the British school in the Netherlands and achieving six Dutch national diplomas. Dedication and putting others first is something I learned from community service and is something I hold close to my heart.

I have loved having the ability to have been brought up in diverse locations such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, The Netherlands and now the UK. As a result, I have met some of the best people I know. Having studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes for 2 years now, I have seen myself grow academically. This year I was awarded Riach Architects Prize which has enabled me to even dream bigger for my final year at Oxford Brookes. I am very grateful for my strong family unit and my faith in God through tough times when people didn't believe in me, I never gave up.


Written by,

Hilary Lukose




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