Signs You Are Procrastinating

Procrastinating is something most students can’t avoid. No matter how hard we try to concentrate on our assignments, we seem to end up doing something completely unrelated. Here are a few ways you may procrastinate.



You have a deadline approaching very soon but you think now is the right time to lie in bed and think about life.

“Do I really need this degree? I should probably get up now… Should I text him/her?

I’m getting hungry now, what should I eat? I should cook now… Actually, can’t be bothered, I’ll just get a takeaway. And what money do I have to buy a takeaway?

They haven’t replied yet. What’s taking them so long?…

Why is it acceptable for girls to post pictures of themselves in bikinis but not in underwear when they are literally the same thing?

I should start doing some work now.

Naaah, let me take a nap first.”



You’ve still got a thousand more words to write but you’re in the middle of a quiz that will tell you what type of cactus you are. You’ve got a billion tabs open on your computer, which you should probably close so that you don’t get distracted, but you keep them open and switch between them. Facebook, online shopping, YouTube, more online shopping. Well, it’s more like online “window” shopping because those items in the basket aren’t really going to be bought anytime soon.

Your phone ‘pings’ with notifications of memes you’ve been tagged in which you could check later, but memes are highly important so you open them straight away. And of course, you must return the favour by scrolling through your newsfeed and tagging your friends in memes too.

Instead of using the free couple of hours you have to really knuckle down, you think that it’s the best time to have a Netflix binge (using your housemate’s boyfriend’s cousin’s account of course).



Going to the library to study with your friends can be useful, especially if they are working on the same assignments or revising for the same exams. You have a second opinion when you get stuck, seeing someone else studying may motivate you to keep going, and most importantly, it’s better to suffer together than to suffer alone.

However, there are many times when you go to the library with your squad with the intention of getting a lot done, but go back home having done absolutely nothing whatsoever. Instead, you’ve been messing around falling off chairs, scrolling back to early secondary school days on each other’s Facebook profiles, spilling some tea, Instagram stalking and taking mugshots of each other that you’ll save to post on their birthdays.

You may not have been productive, but hey, at least you have some funny Snapchat material.



You’re putting it off because you just don’t want to do it right now. You don’t really have any excuses apart from the fact that you’ve been staring at a blank word document for the past ten minutes because you have no idea what you’re doing.


Procrastination is a silent killer of dreams- Let's end it.


Written by,

Anna Antwi



Instagram: @annaantwi_