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Founded by therapist and creative entrepreneur Jennifer Okolo, She Aspires was born out of frustration from seeing young talented women overshadowed by society and overruled by those who could not see the talent that stood before them. 

Currently, we have a small but fabulous team of creatives working to create something new to the scene.

We are an online media platform that provides both visual and written content that informs, inspires and especially educates our audience on relevant issues.


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Who we are

She Aspires is an online platform set up to inspire young women to become what they want to be, regardless of their background. We aim to promote diversity in all factors and encourage young females to overcome the glass ceiling that is currently being presented by society. We also elevate the work of emerging females, by providing an open online platform where their voices can be heard.


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Our values

honesty.        unity.       support.

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Our mission

1  Maintaining a network between young women and professionals who have made an impact in their fields and inspire those around them.


2  Providing a platform for young women to access services to young women that will promote confidence, self-esteem and achieving full potential.


3  Holding events and workshops to promote participation in education, employment and volunteering.


4  Creating an open space for students to share their stories and connect with other people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.


5  Providing ambitious females with the latest news articles and events that will benefit career paths.

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