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Jennifer okolo

founder & EDITOR


She's got that girl boss spirit. The type where an idea so small could be turned into an initiative worth talking about. Jennifer started the brand She Aspires in hope of creating a unified army of strong, career-driven women who go on to inspire others across the globe. Her endless imagination and belief in working hard to make an impact does not go unnoticed and has brought the brand to where it is right now.

Her background lies in Occupational Therapy and Graphics Communication- a perfect blend for the millennial woman who knows no limits to her journey. 

Interested in joining the community or finding out more about her mission get in touch here:


IG: @jenokolo

LinkedIn: Jennifer Okolo

E: j.okolo@hotmail.com



Chenelle morgan

Brand consultant & Designer

Her entrepreneurial spirit is what led her to meet Jennifer, where they connected over wanting to encourage and build a support network of like-minded women, empowered by creating a path defined by their own terms. This re-launch wouldn’t have happened without Chenelle’s branding and design expertise - or her sharp self-confessed perfectionist eye.

She is a multi-skilled creative with a background in fashion promotion, currently freelancing as a Brand Consultant and Graphic Designer. 

Get in touch with her directly if you’re interested in elevating your projects, businesses or creating new concepts. 




hannah pickford

social media guru

 She is a student at Oxford Brookes university studying Occupational Therapy who writes poetry part-time and is a poet full time. She is passionate about many issues including empowering women and making a difference in the world. Her caring nature and unfiltered witty quotes is what makes our brand so relatable and inspiring- to be able to unify women with just a few words is remarkable.

Get in touch with Hannah and get to know how much of a talented writer she is. 



Tumblr: firesdontapologise